Dog Runs

Fresh Air and Excercise

Dog Run and Kennel Fencing

A dog run is a big investment but it is necessary for your dog to get fresh air and exercise. You want to invest in a dog run and kennel that will last over the years. We are experts at making dog runs and kennels to meet your specifications. Each section of the dog kennel is manufactured with 100% galvanized – steel pipe and all welds are painted with zinc rich rust inhibitors. The modular panel design makes hanging, hauling and assembling this modular kennel easy, safe and simple. The 9-gauge chain link wire is attached with all-galvanized steel fittings and 9-gauge aluminum tie wires. It’s 36” wide gate/door opening allows easy entry and safe locking.

Panels can also be customized depending on your needs. We do supply our packaged dog kennel at 6’ wide x 10’ long x 6’ high includes a gate opening for easy access.