About US

Three Generations Proud

Madsen Fence is a three generation, Saskatchewan Prince Albert owned company that we are proud to put our family name on. It became incorporated in 1984 by Darryl and Blair Madsen. It started with small beginnings and a huge vision for the future as the company continued to grow and expand. Darryl has instilled his work ethic into everyone in the business: Quality of workmanship and your reputation defines who you are, not profit.




We really believe in our products and continually learn and advance forward in our industry. We source and build new relationships with the most innovative suppliers. We update to the latest equipment and technology to help our great team meet and exceed our customers’ goals.

Back in 1984, the company ventured into the manufacturing business and started to process chain link mesh in-house, bringing a Saskatchewan-made product to our customers. Over the years, we have sent our wire products as far as the Rankin Inlet in the high arctic to Elkin, Nevada in the United States.

As the company moved forward through the years, the growth continued. An in-house trucking division is in place to not only bring in our products but to deliver them to our customers.

Our newest addition is Barrett and Dane Madsen. They both joined the company and we are proud to have them on our team. Nothing means more than family and providing a quality service and product to our home province of Saskatchewan.

Our Mission Statement

To be a leader in our industry by providing and manufacturing products based on outstanding quality and longevity. Our products will exceed our customers’ expectations.

 To believe in our products and services, not because of price point, but because we believe in the true value of those products for the customer.

To always value our team members, to provide advancement opportunities in their field of work and safety in the workplace.