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Automated Gate Systems


Automated gate systems provide security and ease of access to any property and facility. We are suppliers and installers of the most updated and convenient automated gate systems. It is best to leave it up to the experts to decide what you need in terms of an automatic gate opener as it depends on factors like whether your gate is slide or swing. You want a gate opener’s material to be both UV and weather-resistant so it’s durable and will last for many years. Also you must think about how heavy your gate is and how often you want to close and open it. We can help with all these details as we are the gate experts and will hook you up with a system that will last. Call us for details.

Linear HSLG 230V ¾ HP

Our main auto gate system is Linear HSLG 230V ¾ HP. It works with single or double gates. We have packages depending on your requirements. We also supply and install gate accessories such as remotes, key pads, photo-eyes and trackable systems.

Automatic Gate Controller