Recreational Fencing in Saskatchewan

Ball Diamonds

Chainlink Fences that are specifically designed for Softball and Baseball in various height to fit your specification and level of play. For added safety of the players, you can choose to purchase our Top Cap to cover the top rail to avoid player injuries. The backstops can come with or without the overhang.

Baseball Diamond Backstop Fence
Please contact us for additional information about our Ball Diamonds and Backstops

School Yard

A school yard is as important as the classrooms inside the school. Productivity extends outside the classroom. Fencing plays a vital role in making sure that the students are secured while maximizing their potential. Fencing doesn’t only offer security but it also offers decorative value to the school depending on the task to be accomplished. Madsen Fence offers various fencing solutions for school yard security. Chainlink remains to be the most economical solution for security fencing. It can be in full color for additional look. We can also, install our Iron fencing products which is sure to give maximum security and highlight and add beauty to the school’s architecture. Please contact us for further information.


We can provide you with a fence and gated community that will serve both as in invitation and protection/security to the residents and visitors alike. Please contact us for additional information on this product.